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Message from the Senior Vice President

History reflects the generosity of donors

Noel Appel
Noël Appel

Dear Friends,

At the dawn of this new decade I am invigorated by the many exciting opportunities that lay ahead for Greenwich Hospital. At the same time, this milestone gives me an opportunity to reflect on Greenwich Hospital’s storied past — one that has a wonderful history of community and philanthropy which in many ways has propelled the path to the modern day.

One of my favorite places to visit at Greenwich Hospital is the intricately carved wooden doors that stand prominently along the pathway to a garden behind the Cohen Pavilion. They are a glorious reminder of a time gone by, and symbolize to me a connection between our hospital’s past, present and future.

These doors hail from the original hospital building that was constructed on Perryridge Road in 1917 thanks to one of our earliest donors, Elias C. Benedict.  Mr. Benedict, who was affectionately known as “The Commodore” for his love of boating, donated both the property on which the hospital sits and the funding to construct the building.

In an eloquent speech in which he presented the keys to the building, Commodore Benedict mentions that many of his friends desired the newly-built hospital carry his name. He remarks: “I protested at once…This is not my hospital, nor other person’s hospital. It is everybody’s hospital.”

This altruistic spirit has helped define the strong history of generosity surrounding Greenwich Hospital – a legacy which continues today and has only been amplified over the decades.  Commodore Benedict is one of many forward-thinking individuals who has transformed a small community hospital founded at the turn of last century into one of region’s most vibrant and vital medical centers.

The philanthropic commitment to Greenwich Hospital continues to this day.  I need only consider the impact of several recent gifts, which significantly support our clinical growth plan, as an example. These gifts include funding toward the hospital’s Pediatrics Department, the establishment of a new Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center, refurbishment of the ICU Waiting Room, the establishment of endowed positions honoring esteemed physicians and supporting highly talented leadership in neuroscience, heart and vascular, oncology and pediatrics. Our community has joined with us in a substantial journey forward for extraordinary growth as we look toward our 120th anniversary in 2023.

One day the history books will reflect on the generosity of these current donors, and they too will be included in the annals of our hospital. I am incredibly proud to play a small part in their legacy together with an extraordinary devoted team of staff at the Greenwich Hospital Foundation.  I invite you to join us in our work and to come for a visit. I can be reached at or at 203-863-3861.

Noel Appel signatureNoël Appel
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Greenwich Hospital Foundation