Message from the Senior Vice President | Greenwich Hospital Office of Development

Message from the Senior Vice President

Noel Appel
Noël Appel
SVP & Chief Development Officer

Dear Friends,

Greenwich Hospital has experienced an outpouring of community compassion and gratitude as our clinical staff continue to provide extraordinary care on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elementary school students donated their class gift to our Covid-19 Funds; determined athletes completed a 48-hour fundraising run; individuals and restaurants have prepared more than 17,000 meals for our front line workers; and gifts of all sizes to our Covid-19 funds have surpassed $3.1M. Stories of support are as bountiful as they are uplifting.

Particularly poignant are the many voices we are hearing from our community members –- whether it be through a phone call with a supporter, a note attached to a donation, a message accompanying the delivery of warm meals, a reflective quote about the meaning of Greenwich Hospital or a beautiful sentiment on a handmade card.

These voices stem from a diverse cross-section of our community, yet carry many of the same themes of hope, devotion, thankfulness, bravery, concern and appreciation.

For our team, these words inspire.

We are honored to have had deeply meaningful conversations with so many of our past and new supporters over the past weeks. Your partnership, philanthropy and volunteerism represent the strong foundation on which we have built our hospital as well as the future toward which we aspire.

Leadership gifts supporting the vision for our clinical growth plan have been committed during the last two years and represent the initial investment in our advancement plans. I invite you to learn more about our vision as we continue to build the brightest possible future for Greenwich Hospital.

Noel Appel signatureNoël Appel
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Greenwich Hospital Office of Development