Joseph Keane Fund Augments Perinatal Bereavement Support Services

Tim and Jessica Keane

This past fall, Jessica and Tim Keane initiated the Joseph Keane Fund at Greenwich Hospital as a source of funding for the expansion of the hospital’s Perinatal Bereavement Support program.  Eleven years ago, after a full-term pregnancy, Jessica and Tim’s son, Joseph Keane was delivered stillborn at Yale New Haven Hospital. The couple was devastated. Thankfully, Jessica and Tim had a strong support network of family, friends and faith that saw them through their grief.

Jessica knew that there were other grieving mothers and families that did not have the same level of emotional and financial support. She then approached Yale New Haven Health’s Bridgeport Hospital, where she and Tim had their other two children, to explore the hospital’s needs in supporting families as they endure similar heart-breaking losses. Since 2012, over 200 families have benefited from Bridgeport’s program. Today, Tim and Jessica are working together with volunteer Leslie Shannehan to bring these enhanced services to Greenwich Hospital.

Carrying on their son’s name, The Fund provides for emotional and financial support along with services to families who experience the unexpected and life-changing loss of a baby. The program focuses on four areas:

  • Providing resources such as memory boxes and support books for parents.
  • Creating policies and procedures and in-depth training for nurses, physicians and other hospital staff regarding the care for and communication with these families.
  • Counseling and social work services to help lower the impact of mental health issues resulting from the loss.
  • Raising awareness for stillborn and newborn loss.

A team of nurses, physicians, spiritual care staff, social workers, and counselors at Greenwich Hospital are assembling the resources and organizing training in preparation for the implementation of the enhanced program here in Greenwich.

To make a gift in support of the Joseph Keane Fund at Greenwich Hospital, please click on this link Donate to the Joseph Keane Fund at Greenwich Hospital or call Noel Appel in the Office of Development at (203) 863-3861 or email at

Talking about perinatal loss is never easy, but it’s important. In collaboration with Bridgeport Hospital and Yale New Haven Health, Greenwich Hospital is proud to share the new Joseph Keane Fund mission video, which speaks to the impactful work taking place to provide hope and support to those experiencing perinatal loss. Click here to watch the video.