Auxiliary donates $206,000 to purchase C-arm imaging - Greenwich Hospital Office of Development

Auxiliary donates $206,000 to purchase C-arm imaging

Auxiliary donates $206,000 to purchase C-arm imaging

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The Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary, continuing its philanthropic support of Greenwich Hospital, has donated over $206,00 to purchase a mobile C-arm medical imaging device. This updated piece of equipment based on X-ray technology can be used flexibly in various hospital operating rooms. The name is derived from the C-shaped arm used to connect the X-ray source to the X-ray detector. This connecting element allows movement horizontally, vertically and around the swivel axes, so that X-ray images of the patient can be produced from almost any angle.

Since the introduction of the first C-arm in 1955, the technology has advanced rapidly. Today, mobile imaging systems are an essential part of everyday hospital life. Specialists in fields such as surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, vascular surgery and cardiology use C-arms for intraoperative imaging. The device provides high-resolution X-ray images for the surgical team to view at any point during the operation. Consequently, the treatment results are better and patient recovery time is lessened.

Altogether, the Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary this year donated $792,000 to Greenwich Hospital to enhance surgical, cardiovascular and other services.

In addition to the gift of time provided by its many volunteers, the Auxiliary supports Greenwich Hospital with revenue from the Auxiliary run Thrift and Gift Shops. This funding is dedicated to acquisitions such as the mobile C-arm. Said former Auxiliary President Sally Lochner, “The Auxiliary is pleased to further enhance the services provided at Greenwich Hospital by funding the purchase of cutting edge equipment such as the C-arm medical imaging device.”

Jim Wright, VP, Greenwich Hospital Foundation said “We cannot thank the members of our Auxiliary enough for their many hours of service and commitment to making a difference in our work. Over the years they have raised and donated millions of dollars to help fund building projects and purchasing new equipment. This most recent gift precisely illustrates that point.”