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Message from the Vice President

Celebrating our friends and supporters

From the Gala for Greenwich Hospital benefiting the Emergency Department

Noël Appel, Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Greenwich Hospital’s Emergency Department – where tens of thousands of patients are seen every year – has attained unparalleled ratings, in the 96th percentile, in national patient surveys.

Our achievement is attributable to highly trained physicians, nurses technicians and staff; swift treatment (door to doctor); pain management; advanced diagnostic technology; and consistent, compassionate care provided to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

This delivery of superior clinical care would not be possible without the engagement of our community volunteers and philanthropic leaders. These loyal friends are the hospital’s greatest treasure.

They are forward-thinking individuals who embrace the hospital’s mission to support innovation and excellence in patient care, teaching, research and service to our communities. Their presence and voice lend important insights into the needs of patients.

Volunteers and philanthropic leaders ensure our continued growth and excellence. Thanks to their generous time and donations we are poised to embark on an ambitious clinical growth plan in several areas, including the emergency department.

I am humbled and inspired by these supporters’ generosity and commitment to improve the lives of patients. Thank you for your extraordinary partnership and friendship with Greenwich Hospital.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn how you can make a difference at Greenwich Hospital.

Noel Appel signatureNoël Appel
Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Greenwich Hospital Foundation